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Our attachments are ordered for your specific machine. Please call for prices.

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telescoping crane jib
Skid steer steer attachments Reach Up ... Adds over 5' to loader lift height
crane Reach Out .. Adds over 6' of horizontal reach
skid steer attachment steer Pick Up.. As much as *1000 lbs.
skid steer crane jib
  • It's a Contractor's Tool

    • Pick, carry, and place all types of loads in areas where larger equipment just wouldn't fit
    • Load generators & other small equipment
    • Handle & set pipe
    • Do light steel erection
    • Handle concrete forms
  • Landscapers Love It
    • The Telescoping Crane Jib is ideal for loading, carrying, and setting trees and other large plants. The extra lift height makes it possible to pick trees above the balance point for safer handling.
  • Lots of Industrial Applications
    • Plants, foundries, farms, in fact almost every industrial skid-steer user finds the Telescoping Crane Jib  to be an indispensable tool.
Telescoping Crane Jib 
For Skid-Steer Loaders
Model 130 - $825

Horizontal Reach.... Telescopes from 4' to 6'
Vertical Reach....... 5' above bottom of quick-tach
Lift Capacity*........ 1000 lbs.  Shipping Weight..... 275 lbs.
Quick-Tach........... Available to fit most makes & models

*Important: Lift capacity rating is for the Telescoping Crane Jib only and does not reflect the actual lift capacity of the skid-steer loader which will vary by make & model. Also be aware that the farther out the loader is moved, the more the capacity of the loader is reduced. Specify make & model of skid-steer loader when ordering.

Brought to you by: Star Industries Attachments
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